Toxic products in your bathroom


Toxic chemicals are everywhere: in our food, our clothes, our cleaning products, etc. And of course, they are also in our bathroom. We all use products that include these dangerous chemicals and often every day, thus poisoning our bodies slowly but surely. The chemicals used are dangerous to our health and yet they are in our beauty products, dental hygiene products, make-up, creams, lotions, shampoos, deodorant, etc. There are so many ingredients/chemicals to be avoided, that it is unfortunately impossible to remember them all. Here are however the most common ones found in our bathroom products and their risks. For a printable version, please click here: chemicals to avoid in cosmetic products.

chemicals to avoid in cosmetic products

The list of toxic products that include the above chemicals is too long for only one post. There will therefore be a series of posts on this topic, in an attempt to make it easier and more readable to you. Here is already a list of some of the toxic products in your bathroom:

  1. Toothpaste
  2.  Deodorant
  3.  Shower gel
  4. Anti-aging creams
  5. Exfoliators
  6.  Sunscreens
  7.  Self-tanning lotions
  8.  Intimate hygiene products
  9. Tampons and pads
  10.  Antibacterial gel


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