Toxic shower gel

We shower every day and every day we use shower gel. Well, guess what? That shower gel you use is most probably toxic and poisoning you slowly. It might say “all natural” on the bottle, have a lovely design with with plants and flowers on it. It might even be specifically written paraben free. Unfortunately, that is only part of the new hype in cosmetic products and most of the time only marketing. Many chemicals are still hiding in that bottle: phenoxyethanol (dangerous for the liver and reproduction), sodium sulphate lauryl (actually a pesticide and herbicide used to kill insects, it is also a skin irritant), all ingredients ending with phenol (endocrine disruptors and thus dangerous for your health), among others. Please check my first post about toxic products in your bathroom for a full list of chemicals and their risks.


The fact is that we really need to read all the list ingredients every time we buy a cosmetic product, and a shower gel as well. You can opt for an organic shower gel of course, but you’ll still need to check the ingredients as many brands include chemicals. I would actually recommend that you buy an all natural soap bar instead and avoid the plastic bottle from this day forward. The situation with our landfills and plastic pollution is very serious, and we all need to avoid buying plastic products as much as we can. Again, check the ingredients. The less the better. Also, invest in a soap holder that will drain the water out of your soap bar and thus make it last longer. There are thousands of wonderful non toxic soap bars on the market, made of all natural and healthy ingredients that smell divine and that will not poison you. And guess what? Yes, again, you should be saving money as well by making that switch.

3 Replies to “Toxic shower gel”

  1. Love your blog! My roomie uses Caress Body Wash. For months I have had soft tissue blistering. My gums were so swollen my teeth became loose. Took forever to find the culprit. Now the problem is getting them to change products! Perhaps in the future you can consider a post on HOW to get roomies to embrace non toxic products. And my brothers AXE cologne…OMG.


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