Weed killer recipe

As you must have heard by now, unless of course you’ve decided to ignore it, the weed killers that you buy are loaded with chemicals that are very dangerous for your health when you apply them, but also dangerous for anyone breathing them and touching them afterwards, such as your kids, your pets, etc playing in the grass. There is however a super simple natural solution that works wonders.


What you will need:

  • a bottle of vinegar, (the cheapest sort you can find, any will do) or several depending on the surface you want to treat
  • 1 tablespoon of liquid soap per liter (1/4 of a gallon) of vinegar (any liquid soap will not do. Please choose an organic natural brand, the goal being to stay away from chemicals.)
  • 1 teaspoon of salt if you want a permanent result.

What to do:

  1. Mix all ingredients well in a large spray bottle and shake well.
  2. Spray generously on all desired areas on a sunny day (the sun is needed to burn the weeds)
  3. For a permanent effect repeat regularly, as the salt needs to go inside the soil to unfertilize it.

In conclusion:

This weed killer truly works! If you apply it on a sunny day, it will burn the weed and its roots. If it happens to rain after you’ve applied it, reapply it on another day.

On another note, there are many weeds that are not bad and actually necessary to our ecosystem. Dandelions are food for the bees. Nettles can be eaten and are a delicious source of vitamins. And the list goes on and requires a future separate post. So before you decide to kill those weeds, do ponder about whether it is necessary or not. And if you decide that it is, at least get rid of them naturally with this natural solution.


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