Why you should switch to shampoo bars

I recently bought my first shampoo bar, wanting to  make a difference with plastic pollution. I honestly thought that my only advantage with this change would be throwing away less plastic and feeling better about myself. But to my surprise, the organic shampoo bar I purchased has many more benefits. My hair being blond and highlighted and thus rather dry than oily, I purchased an organic wheat protein bar for dry to normal hair, which cost me 5,45€. I have been using it for 3 months now, on myself as well as my 7 year old son and what a difference it makes! It is true that in the beginning, our hair felt different after washing it, a bit oilier than usual, as if the hair needed to adapt to the change. But now, after 3 months, our hair feels healthier, shinier, lighter and… well, somehow cleaner than with bottled shampoo. Also, my son who always had crusts in his scalp doesn’t have them anymore. And the cherry on the cake is that after using it for 3 months, the bar is only halfway gone! Considering I purchased it for 5,45€, talk about savings: one shampoo bar will last us a total of six months then!


What you’ll need:

  • a shampoo bar adapted to your hair type
  • a soap dish to let you bar dry after using it

What to do:

  • thoroughly wet your hair.
  • rub the shampoo bar in your hair until your hair is foamy.
  • rinse thoroughly.
  • rub the shampoo bar a second time in your hair until foamy.
  • rinse extra-thoroughly.
  • apply conditioner as usual.
  • Let your shampoo bar dry on the soap dish.

In conclusion:

By all means try to make the switch to a shampoo bar and see for yourself! Do check the ingredients before you buy, ours is free of fragrance and any unpronounceable ingredients, which probably explains why our hair is so much healthier. Free of fragrance does not mean that your hair won’t smell clean by the way. It simply won’t smell artificially fragrance clean. And best of all is of course that feeling that you’re again doing something good for the planet and the ecosystem!

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