One easy change and save up to 300 € per year

One of the most polluting product in the world is hiding in your bathroom… Any idea what it is? Cotton rounds! According to statistics, a woman consumes 6 cotton rounds per day! That’s 180 per month and 2100 per year! Most of us do not realize how much water and pesticides are used for the production of cotton. Did you know for example that 2700 Liters of water are needed to produce one single cotton T-shirt? And did you know that  95 % of the cotton worldwide is GMO? Disposable cotton costs 6 times more than washable cotton in the long term. Which is why I want to talk to you about an economical and green alternative: the washable reusable makeup remover wipe.


Washable reusable pads are made out of cotton and sold in kits. They come with a net, which you can use to store them and to toss them in when you wash them. Kits are sold between 10 and 20€, and of course you can find them in organic cotton as well.

Their biggest advantage is obviously their lifespan. Unlike the cotton rounds which end up in your garbage after one single use, the washable wipes can be easily thrown in your washing machine and used over 300 times. You will also save money as you spend up to 330€ per year for cotton rounds, whereas a kit of washable wipes cost you up to 18€ and should last you the entire year.

But best of all is that amazing feeling that you get by knowing that you are doing something good for the planet and the ecosystem!

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