Stop the bleeding in seconds!

I personally spend hours cooking in my kitchen, enjoying every second and every step of the cooking process. It’s literally one of my daily relaxation techniques along with meditation. However, this also means that I very often cut or burn myself, which used to drive me nuts, as little cuts on my fingers would become big hassles while working in the kitchen. Until I discovered this easy magic trick, which literally stops the bleeding in seconds. And I am not exaggerating. Ever heard of cayenne pepper to stop the bleeding? Well, ladies and gentlemen, this stuff works like magic. The cayenne pepper immediately clots the blood, thus stopping the bleeding within seconds. Give it a try next time.

What you’ll need:

  • ground cayenne pepper

What to do:

  • place your wound over the sink (or the bathtub, if your wound is on your leg for example)
  • sprinkle generously with cayenne pepper to form a thick coat
  • wait a few seconds for the blood to clot
  • if necessary sprinkle more cayenne pepper
  • wait until the blood is dry and run your wound through cold water to wash away the cayenne pepper

NB: cayenne pepper will burn your eyes, nose and mouth! Wash your hands with soap before touching any of them.

In Conclusion

Cayenne Pepper will stop the bleeding in seconds on any cut, small and large. It does not however replace the need for stitches if the cut is deep. This is only a very fast-acting trick to stop the bleeding and even though cayenne pepper does have anti-inflammatory properties, please disinfect your wound later on and by all means do get stitches if needed.

Cayenne Pepper will not burn or hurt your wound. It can therefore also be used on children’s cuts and wounds.


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